How Effective Business Article Marketing Can Drive Traffic to Your Website and Make You Money

Some would say that business article marketing is a dying art, and I’m hear to tell you, if you’re into affiliate marketing, it is one of the easiest ways to make money with your PC. Even if you’re not an affiliate marketer, you can still use the art of effective article writing to bring major traffic to your website.

I started off by saying that business article marketing may be a dying art. I don’t think that it is, however, many people also use videos to bring traffic to their websites. This is also effective. However, I’ve found in my experience, the best thing to do is a combination of the two. There are many people, especially those of us over thirty, who are not as plugged in to the you tube scene as the younger generation is. So, to make sure I reach everyone, I still use writing as one of my main marketing tools.

One thing that absolutely must be mentioned, is, that any article writing needs to be effective. I’ve written a few articles on this, and I’m sure others have as well. If you need pointers on this, you should do some research. Even after you’ve written what you think is a well written, effective article, unless people are actually viewing it, then maybe it can be improved in some way. In other words, your work isn’t done when you’ve written the article. It’s best to check up on how many views you are getting, and whether or not people are clicking through to your links. I’ve found that a twenty five per cent click through rate is effective, and should be your goal.

You should also submit your article to article directories that are well known, and have a decent page rank. Ezine is one of the best, and there are many others available. You can do research to find out which ones to use. There are also many tools that are available that you can use to help you with submitting your articles to multiple directories. You must always be careful to follow each site’s guidelines. Some directories only want articles that have original content, so you must be careful!

By using the higher ranked article directories, you can fairly quickly rise up in the rankings of Google. There are many theories as to what the latest Google algorithm is, but I can tell you that if you have some decent content posted on a few of the free websites like Blogger, Squidoo, and Hub, and you write a good amount of quality articles, with good keywords, you can get up fairly high in the search pages of Google. One of your articles can even reach up to the number one page in not too long a period of time. Once this happens, you should receive a lot of traffic to whatever website is linked to by that article. By always analyzing your results, you can tweak whatever needs to be changed. If there are a lot of people going to your blog, but not going to your affiliate’s site, then you need to work on your blog to make it more appealing.

Latest 4 Hidden Ways to Make Money Through Sales and Marketing Training

Business owners dream about having high sales and profits. That’s an obvious statement, I know. So, if you have effective selling and marketing experience, you could easily make money by being a sales and marketing trainer. Can you speak very persuasively? If so, you are a person in the best position for becoming a highly paid sales and marketing trainer. Keep reading to learn the latest 4 hidden ways to make money through sales and marketing training.

1. Some people simply are not as gifted as you when it comes to convincing people to believe in an idea. After all, selling really involves being able to convince people to believe a particular idea. If you have the ability to help people see how they benefit themselves by solving a problem or improving their life right now via a client’s product or service, you can make a lot of money teaching other business owners how to do the same thing.

2. You can make yourself look like the attractive choice when it comes to getting clients to hire you for your sales and marketing services. How? Create a very brief video. In that video, provide one main selling technique that really gets results. Publish it on the web.

3. Be a guest on an Internet radio business program pertinent to your niche. Share simple tips the listeners can use to improve sales by using your techniques.

4. Consider doing a presentation to a local colleges’ business department. Your experience can be seen as a valuable resource and likely candidate for business.

Revealed – 3 New Methods to Make Money With Sales and Marketing Training

For decades, people have been duped into thinking their corporate jobs are safe. As you can probably guess, that opinion is changing. Many people are now starting their own business. Businesses with a strong online presence helps those businesses prosper. But these new business owners need training on how to get and keep customers. This is where you can make a lot of money with sales and marketing training. Continue reading and find 3 new methods your prospects can thrive by running their own online business.

1. People are panicking as their employers are going out of business. These unemployed people are candidates for operating their own business. Too many people untrained to run a business will start one and then fail due to ineffective or absent sales and marketing training. This is where you come in. You can make lots of money if you are qualified at teaching people how to sell and market their business. Keep watching for the big corporations as they fold and present people needing training for their new businesses.

2. Teach new business owners the value of networking. More people meet qualified prospects by networking and focusing on solving a prospect’s problem than they do by using the old push marketing method. Promote networking to your clients.

3. Social networking where a business owner focuses on helping other businesses solve their pressing problems works to produce high sales. Strive to help your clients see the value of the problem-solving sales and marketing philosophies of today. You will have more customers than you can handle!